Combined, our team has decades of experience in the fitness industry. We’re not saying this to gloat. Instead, we’re saying that we have lived through the same challenges that you have. The same problems you’ve faced. The same frustrations. The same amount of time spent doing the same things that you have. Gyms, suppliers, service providers…We’ve been in your shoes.

During this time, we have met so many amazing people within the fitness industry. The bright minds. Exceptional personalities. The drive to become better – personally and within their business. Everyone we’ve met, and everything that’s been experienced over these years, is exactly why Gymtropolis came to be.

Our goal here is to create a new fitness industry marketplace. To develop a better way for gym owners, managers, personal trainers, suppliers and service providers to collaborate and do business together. To enhance the fitness industry with this better collaboration with our community. For all of us to listen, learn, and be inspired. This is how innovation is sparked. We want everyone to be part of this.

We’re sincerely happy that you’ve decided to join us and take part in building a better industry together.

Meet the team

Elise Hopper

Director of Sales & Marketing

Hi! I’m Elise and I started in the fitness industry at a pretty young age. In fact, I've been in the industry for nearly half my life! I’d fill in all of the fields I've worked within the fitness community, but instead, I’ll just say that I've gained tons of insights on the needs for both the buyer and the supplier. I’m bringing a well-rounded knowledge of the industry to Gymtropolis. I have a degree in Business and Marketing as well which also helps. When I’m not working, you can usually find me at concerts (come say hi!), cooking, running, spending time with family and friends and, of course, cheering on OSU!

Brad Schupp


Nearly 30 years ago, my career in the fitness industry began with a bang! Working with a phenomenally talented team of individuals, launching the immensely popular Stairmaster. The experience and knowledge gained in manufacturing, sales and customer service while at Stairmaster gave me a solid foundation to build on as I launched the original parts and product support company from it's humble beginnings in my garage. To what has evolved over the years into Sportsmith, the fitness industries' leading parts and product support company. As proud as I am of my history within the fitness industry, I'm equally excited about the future, Gymtropolis.A unique new fitness industry marketplace that mutually benefits fitness facilities and their suppliers by making your purchasing process, fast easy and efficient. Saving you valuable time and money.

Aaron Schupp

Director of Development & Sales

It’s been 8 years within the fitness industry, with roles in sales, marketing, customer service, and purchasing. I helped to qualify opportunities, and worked on lead development as a Fitness Products Manager. As I’m writing this, I feel as if my experience is varied – just like CrossFit varies movements…Always at high intensity. This is how I work. I’m also bringing a different perspective to Gymtropolis as a CrossFit Affiliate owner. I’m hoping this helps to bridge the gap between buyers and suppliers. All of this being said…While I am an intense kind of guy, I do have a guilty pleasure. I listen to “Call Me Maybe” at least twice per day.